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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey, kids, I am taking five and while I do, let me share this note from the Deseret News.  I will not generally include DVD releases unless they are special and this one is.  “I Love Lucy” was one of those programs that made my kids laugh fifty years after the fact!
'I Love Lucy: The Movie' DVD comes full of extras
"I Love Lucy: The Movie" (CBS/Paramount, 1953, b/w, $19.99).
This is actually the bonus disc from the "I Love Lucy: The Complete Series" set. The "movie" of the title was cobbled together from three first-season episodes, with newly filmed connecting sequences, and it was intended for theatrical release. But because Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's feature film "The Long Long Trailer" was about to be released, "The I Love Lucy" movie was shelved. And it's great fun for "Lucy" fans who don't have the series box set.
Just as intriguing are the bonus features - a full-length color episode (by all accounts the only one), a two-minute clip from "The Ed Wynn Show," in which Lucy and Desi appeared together on TV for the first time (and Desi can't stop laughing), along with a touching excerpt from the Emmys where Vivian Vance won for best supporting actress and "I Love Lucy" won for best sitcom - with Ball urging the Emmys to establish a writers category, which it did the next year.
Extras: full frame, "I Love Lucy" 1956 color episode, Lucy & Desi's first joint appearance (on the "Ed Wynn Show," 1949), Emmy Awards excerpt (1954), on-set commercial (1951), text program notes. - Hicks, Chris. "'I Love Lucy: The Movie' DVD Comes Full of Extras." Deseret News [Salt Lake City] 29 Apr. 2010. Web. 29 Apr. 2010

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