Oak Hills, UT August 1958 J. R. Eyerman

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It was fifty years ago tonight that the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Pycho" made people afraid to take showers.  50!  Anthony Perkins gave new meaning to the term "Creep."  I think he was the template for all creeps for years to come!  Poor Janet Leigh later said that it was a role that she could not shake.  Hitchcock wanted the film in black and white because he felt that if he shot it in color it would be too gory.  

How about a bit of trivia?

  • The "blood" in the shower scene was really chocolate sauce!  Yummy!
  • The car Janet Leigh drove, a 1957 Ford, was the same one the Cleaver family drove on "Leave It to Beaver." So not only did she steal from her employer but she took Ward Cleaver's car!
  • The sound that the knife makes penetrating the flesh is actually the sound of a knife stabbing a casaba melon.  Try it on your next picnic!


  1. I can just see my next family get-together now:

    Me: Hey, kids! Let's make the sound of a knife stabbing flesh with this melon!

    Kids: Yay!

    I'll be the hit of the party.

  2. I want to try that with the melon!

    Maybe when I visit next month?