Oak Hills, UT August 1958 J. R. Eyerman

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Summer so far.......
Iron Man 2
Toy Story 3
Hum.  Ho Hum.
That's all, folks!

Ages ago, when I worked in the oil fields around Bartlesville, OK there came time to clean out an oil well with chemicals called fracking a well.  I am sure the well owners had other "f" words to call it.  To frack a well, you had to have several large trucks filled with men and the men ran the pressure gauges and looked after the equipment.  It was a traveling circus of the oil patch.  I asked my boss, Blaine, what it was costing to do this. 

"Well, Jimmer," he slowly replied in his Idaho and Oklahoma drawl.  "Get yourself an oil drum and fill it full of one dollar bills.  Then light the whole thing on fire!"

He let out his crazy laugh. 

Hollywood is burning bunches of barrels of one dollar bills, only, they aren't laughing.

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