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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Old joke:
Daddy, Mommy and Baby Tomato are taking a walk when the baby falls behind and begins to cry.  Daddy Tomato goes to the baby, smacks it on the head and says:
“KETCHUP!”  I’m here till Thursday!  Be sure to tip your wait staff!

I am in catch up mode and here goes:

Despicable Me Versus Toy Story 3

Why bother?  Toy Story 3 (TS3) is far better in all categories.  TS3 is so hip that it tips its hat to “Cool Hand Luke!”  TS3 represents the high point of both a franchise and the technologies used to create it.  BUT, Despicable Me (DM) has it’s charms.  It was never going to compete against Pixar.  DM competes instead with Bond.  James Bond. 

With the news that it may be years before we see another Bond picture DM fills the bill.  I want  more of the Minions.  The Minions nearly steal the show.  I like the character Gru but I love the Minions.  Here’s hoping the studio does this.

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